“Dear American Soldier – Spoken Word”

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You raised your hand high
And they raised theirs
Yours in oath
And them in prayers

Proud in uniform, child to man
You swore allegiance, now part of a plan

Fighting for freedom, loyalty, duty and respect
A man made- creation equipped to poison and infect

As courage and honour are engraved in your head
You’re ready to abide by whatever is said
May it be torture, murder or bloodshed

Remember, you are fighting for freedom, to protect your homeland
And you can only achieve this by following command

As they tell you again about what a hero you are, provide you an order
And now it’s okay to cross any damn border

But the most important lesson before they let you leave
Understand Muslims are terrorists and on their followers do not bother to grieve

See, you are told that the preaching’s of Islam is the source of war
They were responsible for September 11 after all

Muslims are terrorists, solidified by every media outlet
You’re killing now without any regret

You must invade countries, claim their soil
They told you it was for freedom and peace but forgot to mention money and oil

Afghanistan, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine or whatever country they assign
Your stupidity drives you to the front line

How can you possibly claim a child’s life
And the image not leave you to grieve in strife

See, your part of a system so corrupted and twisted
A system that you have freely joined and largely assisted

Let me explain it to you in the simplest way
Black and white no areas of grey

Diseased men who control the world’s wealth and power
Have created a system that governs the ignorant’s life by the hour

Staying on top is their main aim
Through violence and deception they play their devilish game

Country by country determined to eradicate
But realise that religion and faith aren’t easy to terminate

Now scared that the religion of Islam will effortlessly spread
They fabricated an army, ISIS, trained to behead

With the aid of their puppets and Zionist regime
Torture, murder, rape, a never ending blood stream

They support and fund the ISIS disease
At the very same time ask Muslims to apologise down on their knees?

Epidemic contagion, sceptic lies
Saudi Arabia, Satan, their allies

You see you’re merely a playing piece on their board game
Helping them to prosper, grow and achieve their aim

So take a step back and open your eyes
It’s deception and immorality you must realise

Don’t allow them to control, roll the die
You can pass, skip don’t justify

It is pure corruption you vowed to serve
So re-aim your riffle and shoot those who deserve

This video is being shared in “Hope” that people will fall away from the darkness of selfishness and into the light of selflessness.youtube.com

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