Raised in a Satanic Cult

Warning: This story contains graphic imagery and descriptions. Viewer discretion is advised. Story first aired in 1989.Ian Leslie describes this as ‘the most painful and disturbing story’ he’s had to report in 27 years of journalism. It’s the horrifying account of a British girl who was trapped for 12 years in a brutal satanic cult, […]

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  Sengbe Pieh, leader of the La Amistad uprising, pictured as a Muslim (1839). Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library On June 27, 1839, La Amistad(“Friendship”), a Spanish vessel, departed from the port of Havana, Cuba (then a Spanish colony), for the Province of Puerto Principe, also in Cuba. The masters of La Amistad were the ship’s captain Ramón Ferrer, José Ruiz, […]

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https://fb.watch/3H8KmqtSNK/ Americans are gradually realizing the unlawful entry of a cabal government in the White House that misrepresents the people, through underminings, supporting corrupt courts that steal children, demolish the probate system, break up families, steal homes and wealth from the people into homelessness. Shamelessly, the illegal government continues to rob the American people’s wealth […]

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