The Latest Trend In Restaurants Is Serving The Homeless A new Spanish restaurant called Robin Hood is the latest: Paying customers at breakfast and lunch foot the bill for three-course dinners for those who can’t afford to pay. The Latest Trend In Restaurants Is Serving The Homeless [Photos: Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images] By Eillie Anzilotti2 […]


Jesus changed my life

I’m an ex drug addict, criminal, hustler, womanizer, fighter, liar, manipulator, player, drug dealer, thief, and worldly confused individual. My name is Bobby Thompson. Im not who I was before. Im a born again child of the Most High God!! Annointed, Chosen, Set Apart and called to represent the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I teach […]

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Dear All Faiths In One God!

Let us set aside our debates and our many differences and pray to our one God. So that we can in Unite in Our One God and Defeat Satan’s Kingdom! We speak the same language in laughter, crying, hungering , thirsting, and we go through the same life processes of sleep,sickness, death, birth, charity Through […]

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