“He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” 

Originally posted on: AmericaOnCoffee (blog) He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” is a popular music ballad written by Bobby Scott and Bob Russell. Originally recorded by Kelly Gordon in 1969, the song He Ain’t Heavy, he’s My Brother became a worldwide hit for The Hollies later that year and again for songwriter Neil Diamond in 1970. It has been covered by many artists in […]

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Viet Nam – Operation Babylift

A SHARE FROM: MissBackInTheDayUSA pinterest Operation Babylift was the name given to the mass evacuation of children from South Vietnam to the United States and other countries (including Australia, France, and Canada) at the end of the Vietnam War (see also the Fall of Saigon), on April 3–26, 1975. By the final American flight out […]

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The Red Cross Part III

A Red Cross nurse in a field hospital in France ensures her patient has clean bandages. World War II Supporting 16 Million Military Personnel The Red Cross mobilized in support of the U.S. military, our Allies and civilian victims of World War II. We enrolled more than 104,000 nurses for military service, prepared 27 million […]

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The Doors “The Unknown Soldier” 

The song was Jim Morrison‘s reaction to the Vietnam War and the way that conflict was portrayed in American media at the time. Lines such as “Breakfast where the news is read/ Television children fed/ Unborn living, living dead/ Bullets strike the helmet’s head” concern the way news of the war was being presented in the living rooms […]

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