“Boulevard Nights” the Movie

The movie Boulevard Nights clearly depicts the sick mixed up values and morals of America’s youth into a culture called gang-banging. The film ends with lessons learned through loss and sufferings.

All eyes are on America! Countries that follow America’s cultural violence will also fall into the deeper ails of blind ignorance.

A Commentary from: JonAk-Rush Hour/AmericaOnCoffee (AOC)

About the Movie

Raymond Avila (Richard Yñiguez) is a young Mexican-American trying to resist the lure of street gangs in East Los Angeles. Raymond’s brother, Chuco (Danny De La Paz), has been less successful; despite Raymond’s attempts to steer him clear, Chuco finds a sense of belonging by being part of a gang. As Raymond’s relationship with his girlfriend (Marta Du Bois) deepens, he takes steps toward building himself a future. But all that is thrown into jeopardy when tragedy strikes and a gang war erupts.Source

Boulevard Nights (1979) Official Trailer – Richard Yniguez, Danny De La …

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