“Bringing The Homeless Home”

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The “Trail of Tears” was an astounding event in history. The American Indian’s sorrows were a result of property grabbings from the new, gun toting American settlers who selfishly displaced the American Indians from their lands.

History shows us that greed continues to create despair. In our present times, treasonous factions and a conspired, planned 2008 stock market crash left many Americans and others (worldwide) homeless.

Homeless people who lost their homes through foreclosure and other social vulnerabilities feel jilted because government should have privileged them to remain in their homes until the economy recovered. They feel strongly that government could have implemented a powerful socio-economic remedy of protection. But, government and its officials did not. Instead, hordes of property grabbers (looters) benefitted from the insensitivities and cruelty of social injustices.

The result:

Homelessness everywhere has become a pitiful “TRAIL OF” –cardboard housing, make-shift tents, debris, smells and other filth.

Also similar to the sociology-economic downfall in our present time was the Great Depression of the late 1920’s and the early 1930’s. Racketeering, Sedition with the redistribution and outsourcing of wealth factored into that fall, with the same characteristics of today‘s corruption, job outsourcing and off-shore investments.

The Homeless Need Homes

Fight greed! Spread and share the commonwealth of “Love”! A continual trail of tears and fear breaks down our families and our nation(s)!

Let every viable person initiate his or her mission to rebuild lives and put an end to homelessness.

A Commentary by: JonAk – The Rush Hour/AmericaOnCoffee (AOC)

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