The Red Cross Part III

nurse in ww1

A Red Cross nurse in a field hospital in France ensures her patient has clean bandages.

World War II

Supporting 16 Million Military Personnel

The Red Cross mobilized in support of the U.S. military, our Allies and civilian victims of World War II. We enrolled more than 104,000 nurses for military service, prepared 27 million packages for prisoners of war, shipped more than 300,000 tons of supplies, and collected 13.3 million pints of blood for the armed forces. In nearly every American family, someone was a Red Cross volunteer, donor or blood donor, or received Red Cross services.

ww2 image

The Red Cross collected millions of pints of blood for the armed forces.


126,000 Volunteers Every Month

During the Korean Conflict, Red Cross services grew. The blood program for the military was expanded. The emergency mobile recreation service served all United Nations forces. Red Cross provided emergency communications from family members and facilitated calls and letters home from wounded service members. Following the 1953 armistice, the American and Korean Red Cross societies ensured the transfer of nearly 90,000 prisoners of war.

korea image

Assistant Field Director “Pete” Murray carries comfort supplies in a hand grenade box.


Serving 280,000 Servicemen a Month

Between 1965 and 1972, American Red Cross field directors, hospital personnel and recreation workers (“Donut Dollies”) served on military bases and in military hospitals and hospital ships throughout Southeast Asia. The Red Cross provided recreation activities for service members while facilitating more than 2 million emergency communications between service members and their families

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