Americans are gradually realizing the unlawful entry of a cabal government in the White House that misrepresents the people, through underminings, supporting corrupt courts that steal children, demolish the probate system, break up families, steal homes and wealth from the people into homelessness. Shamelessly, the illegal government continues to rob the American people’s wealth thru, lying cheating at every level of government.

The basic citizen struggles to survive as wealthy leaders aka: unofficial representatives (meaning not honestly elected into office) have house servants (at the expense of taxpayers). What they are doing is increasing their fascist power into a (NWO) New World Order. America’s unofficial government consists of an organized secret society of SATANISTS, anti-Christ, and thru their operations as a racketeering cabal, their goal is to takeover.

These SATANISTS can be configured into all social media. And the current generation of youth do not understand; they are unaware of the abolition of rights and property, persecutions and concentration camps. Neither can the now generation imagine a warring massacre upon the soil of the U.S.

Everyone should wakeup, Read the bible’s book on the Revelation and review the histories of wars and dictatorships. JonAk

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