After the COVID PANDEMIC: Sales force Says 9 to 5 is Dead.

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Salesforce won’t require majority of workers to return to office

Alexandria Burris

San Francisco-based Salesforce will not require the majority of its global workforce to return to the office full time after the novel coronavirus pandemic. 

In a blog post, Salesforce president and chief people officer Brent Hyder said the company has adopted a Work From Anywhere approach that would give its tens of thousands of employees flexibility in how, when and where they work.

A company spokesperson said the Work From Anywhere approach also would apply to the company’s approximately 2,100 Indianapolis office workers, most of whom work in the state’s tallest skyscraper, Salesforce Tower. The plan — which also addresses how workspaces would be reconfigured –— was first reported by The Wall Street Journal.

‘The 9-to-5 workday is dead’

“An immersive workspace is no longer limited to a desk in our Towers; the 9-to-5 workday is dead; and the employee experience is about more than ping-pong tables and snacks,” Hyder said in the post. 

Under the Work From Anywhere approach, Salesforce said it would offer employees three types of work experiences in the post-COVID-19 environment when it’s safe to work out of offices. 

Dig Deeper:Office space market ‘on pause’ as coronavirus keeps workers home

Most employees would work on flex schedules or part time from the office, meaning they’ll be there one to three days per week, usually for team collaborations, meetings and presentations.  Read more

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