Saying “No” to the evil, Corrupt New World Order and “Yes” to Christ’s Kingdom Coming

In Response To Satan’s Current Deeds And Future Plans: “We Will Continue To Lift Ourselves And Our World Against Satan, In Prayer.”

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Some people are doing so well that they do not realize man’s moral fall during these endtimes. In fact, many are not aware that we are living in the endtimes. This lack of realization and misunderstandings come from those born during recent times. Evil is all that they know.

There are many facts about the rise of Satan in the world. And, there is a message of reality for Satan and Satanists: Evil cannot withstand evil.

So… “Satan the more evil. you spread in the world, the more people will come to God out of contempt/detest of you and your works. Your evil will cease and you can go to unrest, in Hell”.

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