Gas is Too Expensive and there are “No” Accommodations for the Homeless Who Live in Trailers or Other Vehicles

‘Castaways’ in motor homes feel stranded on society’s fringe

A man stands outside his battered trailer along Broadway in an unincorporated section of southern L.A. County. Shortly afterward, he was arrested for outstanding warrants and his home was towed away.(Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)

Volunteers clean up homeless camp infested with garbage. Image source

In 1979, the recreational vehicle manufacturer Winnebago proudly touted its latest models in glossy magazines with splashy full-page ads proclaiming their coaches to be “A Condominium That Goes Places at About Half the Going Price.”

Today, many old and battered Winnebagos number among the thousands of motor homes that line the streets of Los Angeles, from the San Fernando Valley to the Westside to the Harbor area. In a region where rents and home prices skyrocket year after year, recreational vehicles now qualify as residences for people who would otherwise be homeless.

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