Kidnapping Children Under the Color of Law (Money)

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Americans who still believe that the U.S. Constitution protects them have not yet dealt with America’s legal system. It’s no secret that the system is broken, but unfortunately most people do not realize how serious the problem is until they experience it first hand.

Sadly, court corruption is the most destructive force operating on American families today.

Most citizens are under the illusion that it’s impossible for the overseers of the law to ignore the law. They think there are government agencies that hold the courts accountable, that the jurists they see in movies and television are usually criminal or law courts.

Judge Gorcyca’s uneven legal hand ignores mother’s parental alienation plea.

Family courts are courts of equity conducted without juries and with litigants who are at the mercy of a single person’s opinion. Since these family court judges have absolute discretion and immunity, they cannot be held accountable. Unfortunately, due process and equal protection rights in too many instances are ignored, often destroying children’s lives and removing fit parents from being able to see their children, denying their basic human rights without notice or a chance to be heard.

Courts are supposedly limited by substantive and procedural rules, but there’s not a single agency that has the authority to intervene with their decisions. Due to this lack of oversight or routes of redress, the abuse of judicial discretion often goes beyond constraints set down by legislation, precedent and the U.S. Constitution.

Because we are conditioned to believe that judges have high levels of integrity, it’s hard for most people to imagine why they would ignore their oaths of office. But, if you follow the money, you’ll see that family courts and child protective agencies have been kidnapping children under “color of law” for decades so they can collect federal incentives. Family law is a $50-billion-a-year business that will extort your family’s life savings through deliberately prolonged litigation.

Manifesto groups have discovered a malicious way to take advantage of the billions of dollars in family court conflicts, real and imagined, through a scheme that involves targeting “high conflict” divorces, using the children as pawns.

These groups use predatory lawyers and collusive judges to further perpetuate the conflict by intentionally shifting custody to abusers. The reason for making this custody shift is that abusers are twice as likely to seek sole custody, and good parents never give up fighting to protect their children.

So it creates very long litigation.

Family court judges fall back on “the best interest of the child” standard as an excuse to shift custody from the safe parent to abusive parent. An example of the courts’ double-down is where the safe parent has allowed the abusive parent to be around the child, all too often in hopes of forging some type of relationship.

When the safe parent, having reached limits, seeks relief from the court, with logs, photos and other evidence of abuse — sometimes the testimony of the children themselves — the judge will too often say, “If the allegations are true, then I have to question your ability to make good decisions regarding the safety of your child.”

In cases where the safe parent hasn’t allowed the abusive parent to be around the child, the judges will say: “You are committing child abuse by alienating the child.”

This insures that they can arbitrarily shift custody from party to the other. One may wonder if this is because the more conflict created, the more profit the courts and court-appointed services like psychiatrists and guardia ad litems, will generate.

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