Blind Chaos And The Divided Fall

The world was already at a spiritual lost from the fall of moral character, values and I.D’s. The kingpins in the world had set themselves aside with the highest esteems such as glamour, wealth, worldly achievements, wicked deeds, things of the world and in the world. And in this worldly spirit, many are shining in their own glory.

A worldwide tragedy, of murderous acts and theft became a favorite pastime for many. The results were dead bodies and massive destitution.

Everywhere in the world, people were lying on the streets wrapped up in blankets and living in cardboard boxes.

Cold wars are not as cold as most people consider them… (just talk and animosity).

Hostilities build and enemies hide.

Suddenly the world became pitch black. Every satellite was blasted from the skies.

You are scared and weak. You can’t find water, or food. You are unable to make sense of time, yourself, or other people. But, you can hear scuffling and there are moaning sounds. All people and life movements are deathly disoriented, a Pseudo hallucinative state.

What happened? Several ballistic missiles had been launched and the value of everything worldly was NOW gone!


People turn to drugs as a remedy to find comfort and happiness. Drugs are a hindrance to human nature placing man in a pseudo reality, a hallucinatory place where evil thrives in the spirit of darkness,

©️2019 JonAk-Rush Hour/AmericaOnCoffee (AOC)

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