Will you get out of life alive?

9 thoughts on “Will you get out of life alive?

    1. I never thought I would live for ever. But when I swallowed an orange seed, I waited for years for branches and stems to sprout out my mouth.😳

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      1. How people grow up, mature and realize death as a near future event comes with a lot of life experiences Death from swallowing a fruit seed can be fearful to any child. The realities of death and dying from a child’s point of view, are important. Death can be superficial as falling thru a sci-fi concept. Animated cartoon characters get slaughtered and get back up again. TV teaches a bad concept of immortality. The Lion King movie was a justification.. TV stunts,believing that we will never die or believing in a nonsensical childhood concept has contributed to the belief system of man. 🤔💛


    1. We should never be afraid of death. Death is a logical and expedient way out of the evils of the physical world. The immaculate mother said that with death we simply lose our bodies. The obvious is that our immortal souls will rise into heaven or hell.


    2. Consider those who have the mindset of living forever. Today, they buildup their wealth and create kingdoms, no matter how many deaths that continue to occur in their midst. Some people feel they will never die.
      I think they are believing in the big picture of the promises of Satan. —LIES

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      1. Those that live under that illusion of no death must be those whom Christ promised would be given the “operation of error” as in Thessalonians 2:8-10 These words are in V. 10 of my 1950 D.R. Bible. God will send “the operation of error” … to believe the lie …. to those who do not believe the truth. Sounds like a psychosis of sorts. Scary. Demonic as you say …

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      2. Demonic and sad. May God raise the consciousness of those who live in denial.🙏


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