Seeing your mail service getting worse? It’s probably going to get worse still

by Ken

Maybe there’s one of you out there who hasn’t been part of the dramatic exodus from the U.S. Postal Service which has wrought havoc on its already-precarious finances. But I know I just don’t send out very much mail. The major part of my outgoing mail in years gone past was bills being paid, and nowadays I pay most of my bills online. It’s just easier.

But every now and then I do have to mail something — usually locally, as I think about it, which kind of surprises me. And every then I depend on receiving something, again usually locally, from someplace else in Manhattan. I try not to put myself in a position where I depend on, er, timely delivery — meaning the next day, or at the most the day after that, a service level that the Postal Service seemed to manage in the not-all-that-distant past. I remember being surprised and pleased by how often I did receive things mailed to me the next day. Continues

5 thoughts on “MAIL INVASION!

  1. I believe it’s more than just closing of processing centers. I’ve read in several places where our government is tasking the USPS to spy on Americans, which is not and never was their job to do! Could this be another factor in the slowing of the delivery times? It sure makes you wonder.

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    1. If they were to spy on me, they would find themselves spying on junk mail. To be spied upon, would be what junk mailers deserve. I don’t believe mail carriers or the USPS proper, take their jobs seriously. As for spying on households and businesses from postal workers, would be short lived, and would result in, I would say, one of the biggest security leaks that would lead to a USPS reformation. I find it unpleasant for the USPS to mix junk mail with first class mail. And, when confronted about the absurdity, their response is “because solicitors have the same rights as business mail. My mailbox belongs to me and solicitations should be bagged and not placed in mailboxes.

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