“Blessed Are” By Joan Baez


Joan’s voice, lyrics and music have always told the story of social struggles and the headway towards peace.

Enjoy Blessed Are (Live) B7 Joan Baez From Every Stage b 1976 Au0026M Records Released on: 1976-01-01 Producer: David Kershenbaum Producer, Executive Producer: Bernard Gelb Composer Lyricist: Joan Baez

6 thoughts on ““Blessed Are” By Joan Baez

    1. The now generation have little social knowledge of Joan’s impact on change, social issues that dealt with 1960’s oppression.

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      1. Mercury in the ocean waters from Men’s experimentations have caused the now generation of fish to be brain dead. The neo sealife occurs in concentration camps called fisheries and funny farms, 💦

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      2. Sea farms and land farms? Next there will be atmospheric farms.


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