THE LORD SAID “I AM TAKING WHAT’S MINE, And this will all be over” the world exist for the harvest of souls-

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I Saw Jesus and Was Terrified | This Is What He Showed Me

I saw Jesus and was terrified. This is what He showed me: Jesus appeared in a vision and looked me straight in the eyes. At first I didn’t know who I was looking at. It was only after I stared at Him a moment and started to gather an idea of what He was like. The man was physically unassuming. He had distinct features but He seemed like the kind of person who only said what was absolutely necessary. He was very clearly the most powerful and most authoritative person I’d ever seen. That was when I realized I was looking at Jesus. Before I share this testimony, I want to preface it by saying that God is so patient, and so merciful, and He is so long suffering.

Isaiah talks about the nature of God and the nature of the Messiah who was being prophesied to come (he saw Jesus and this is what Isaiah saw about the Christ) he said, “A bruised reed He will not break, and a smouldering wick He will not snuff out” (Isaiah 42:3), until justice goes for in fullness. Anyone who knows my testimony knows I have experienced first hand how gracious and patient God can be and is with our process.

When God comes to anyone in judgment / judgement its only after He has come to them with patience and grace and mercy about a thing multiple times. It is only after He has extended the invitation to repent. When I had this terrifying vision of Jesus, it’s one of only two times I have experienced God that was utterly terrifying.

“It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.” (Hebrews 10:31) People try to make God out to be human, and although He became human in the person of Jesus Christ it’s foolish to think He can be fully comprehended with our human understanding.

We give authority to a natural judge in the earth and that judge has authority to end a person’s life. How much more does God reserve the right to execute judgment with His absolutely perfect nature and perspective.

There is literally no shadow of turning in God. He is light. The bible says He is love. The bible makes it clear time and time again that He delights in showing mercy, it says He is slow to wrath. SO when I had this visitation from God and I saw just a hair of what it is like to test God’s patience, it was literally the most terrifying experience I have ever had….. SO this is what I experienced.

Years back I had already begun my walk with God. I had been born again, I had given my life to Jesus, I had already learned to go to the bible to feed on the word of God, and learned to connect with Him through the Holy Spirit…

There were areas of my mind that still needed to be renewed and I fought with God about letting Him be the all in all for some of my needs. So I fell and God picked me up countless times. This went on for over 10 years. So when this encounter with Jesus happened I should have well been done with certain lifestyle choices. But I violated my conscience, and that evening when I tried to go to sleep,

I had a visitation from the Lord… I didn’t recognize Him at first… I saw Jesus step out of the shadows. This is what He showed me, and this was His message: I realized I was looking at Jesus, and Jesus was looking at me. There was disappointment in His eyes. He just sat there looking at me and then He lifted His hand. Above His hand was the world.

The world turned to dust and blew away before a speck of dust could hit His hand. Jesus looked right through me as I saw tiny souls fall into His hand. Without opening His mouth, like hearing His thoughts, He said, “I’m taking what is Mine, and this will all be over.” I knew that Jesus was saying, “I’m not playing games with you anymore, you know better. You know this world is dust and that the only reason it exists is for the harvest of souls that I am going to take out of it.

” It was love for God to grieve my heart for a moment so that I could wake up and realize there were certain things I couldn’t afford to entertain any longer. There will come a time when either you will go to Him, or He is coming to us, either way we will all stand before Jesus, the judge of all the living in the dead. He came to serve and to save the lost. He is worthy to be crowned the king of Kings and the Lord of Lords. When you look at Jesus you know everything good you have is from Him and because of His mercy. There are no good people.

No one is innocent. We all need the perfect, spotless lamb of God and His sacrifice for us to stand right before God. 0:00 Intro 0:53 Preface “God Delights In Showing Mercy” 6:10 Seeing Jesus Seeing Jesus, Seeing Jesus Face to Face, Jesus Appeared, I saw Jesus, What Jesus showed me, encounter with Jesus, Jesus is coming, The last days, the end times, when is jesus coming, Jesus appeared to me, seeing jesus testimony, is it the end times, saw Jesus, Jesus came, Jesus appearing, rapture, the rapture, seeing Jesus Christ, I saw Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ appeared to me, vision of Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ appeared, Jesus Christ vision

4 thoughts on “THE LORD SAID “I AM TAKING WHAT’S MINE, And this will all be over” the world exist for the harvest of souls-

  1. I am preparing a blog in a few weeks about the “Final Mercy of God” for those who will receive no other. It will walk along with some of what this brother shared about God’s grace and patience. yours and His, c.a.

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      1. Yes, even this old man. The outward man wastes away but inwardly He renews us day by day.
        2 Corinthians 4:16
        Jesus IS coming soon! 🙂🙏

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