You do not know your history nor your collective powers as people (within your country)

You Do Not give any time, objectively or subjectively to build a relationship with God

Nor do you confront major issues that corrupt your country


You have little or no allegiance to God or country

You do not pray

You are the most prideful and selfish generation

You are the mirror image of every tv show or movie ever produced

You are the epitome of every monster and horror film ever-

Look at yourselves

You are so bound in the world and to the world by the conditions and things of and in the world

Your #1 allegiance is to yourself and the quest for wealth

You Do Not Protest, instead, you contest to …superficially prevail

Those of the “Now” generation are Godless and the weakest generation of humans EVER!




    1. The ball of redemption is scary and so are the tsunamis, and the locusts. God has a plan for our evil world and the NWO. We can expect the man of perdition to be revealed soon.

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  1. How can these children, now young adults, ever be brought up to speed? The only answer is God … and it is difficult to get their attention to Him. They are brainwashed already …

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    1. Amen. Jesus Christ is the answer. Christ knew we would fall into confused state of minds, relationships, government and lawlessness. Our Heavenly Father in the Name of Jesus Christ will allow evil to whip good into us. The Bayside Messages speaks about a Great Chastisement coming to mankind.

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  2. Preface – Yours is a valuable blog. I am much impressed on this first visit.
    IMHO, It would better serve your followers if you add a calendar (monthly archive list) especially because this “endless scroll” limits ease of navigation, and you chose not to have a category menu. I have two other pages, easily located via my gravatar. (Hover cursor over my thumbnail, it will work unless you’ve disabled hovercards.) Later, “X”

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    1. You said:
      Somewhat surprised you liked my page. (Being mainly political) Then I noted the focus of your Fill-teer N Coffee blog above. This little journey about “America When” ate up over two hours before I could drag myself away. Posted at:

      In reply:
      Waiting for the red, white and blue Luft balloons. Hillary, Trump whoever the president, we must be united… the enemy is within. And, the enemy has gained entrance thru the fabric and foundation of our nation …the JUDICIAL system who gives immunity to themselves and to Satan.


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