To Democrats and Republicans, How are you going to allow America to go down? Let prayer be our power now!

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Bernie Sanders, (presidential campaign – 2016/2020) a Democrat, spoke on America’s crisis. Listen!

36 thoughts on “To Democrats and Republicans, How are you going to allow America to go down? Let prayer be our power now!

  1. Said the guy who gets $175,000 per year and is worth more than $3,000,000 for ranting against the wealthy. Maybe some jealousy that he hasn’t reached $1,000,000,000 yet?
    Just like Marx, Lenin and other socialists and communists, he resents the very process whereby anyone with initiative, even cons like Sanders, can excel.
    He would prefer he and his little crowd of cronies dictated how much we get each week, where we live and what we can learn.


  2. How? I’m asking in which ways? There are going to be some questionable track issues very soon where everyone will realize just how humanely related we all are.


  3. Political sectarianism today rates on a massive scale. This may be due to broader and morel complexed issues of our time. Liberties are what we have trampled over and disrespected God. Libertarianism represents just that. Our absolute liberties are not matters of the flesh but spiritual virtues. As this system of things die, and our flesh with it, the God-purposed human spirit will emerge. Every thing is God and Christ is the way.Peace!


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  6. Yes! We shared a lot of hot sauce posts in the past, i.e. New Orleans. So we do have a love for hot sauce, which is a universal taste.


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  10. America On Coffee, I don’t plan on touching anything related to alcohol on my blog. Hot sauces of various countries will be taken up for consideration. Peppers will be included as I have time to grow them.

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