“Fools of Prey” Where Are We (People of Nations) Headed??


The ghost town of a scandalous hype is a place where greed has made its finality: in a depopulated world, is there a plan for a minority slave subculture? JonAk

A Different Kind of Hostage

The surveillance profiteers of COVID-19 are here

1: collect data; 2: track virus; 3: ??? — 4: profit

By Violet Blue

Our worlds are so upside-down and backwards right now that Wired claims Surveillance Could Save Lives Amid a Public Health Crisis, and privacy activist Maciej Cegłowski flat-out stated We Need A Massive Surveillance Program.

These normally privacy-forward sources are saying this in response to the pandemic, obviously. But it’s also because companies that track, target, identify and surveil individuals are pitching their technologies to ID and trace the infected — in shady backroom discussions with the White House.

The pandemic has us all in vulnerable positions, and some tech companies are just ethics-free enough to step in and take advantage of entire populations being held hostage by COVID-19. They see us as profitable, captive data generators while their PR departments act like they did something virtuous for the greater good. Like Zoom.

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