Class Action “The New Monopoly” is Exampled by

  • Twisted reasonings
  • Fake jurors
  • Feed the victims passivities
  • Hidden benefactors are the real criminals
  • Lawyers and judges collect

The USA economy is not growing in opportunities or dollars. The entire circuit of business and employment is shrinking in fear. The same fear was cause for businesses to outsource and invest offshore.

Every American needs to understand that soon there will be none! None because some power filled group has found a way to tear the face off of the USA monetary system by destroying many businesses, one by one,

In the end maybe the US will become solely dependent on another nation or a cabal in full bloom.

a commentary by JonAk AWOLL/AmericaOnCoffee (AOL)

Latest battle in war on class actions: 7th, D.C. Circuits will scrutinize nationwide cases

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