Join the Fight for Transparency on Justice

4 technologies helping us to fight corruption

Advances in technology have led to unprecedented, rapid access to vast amounts of data on societies, the economy and the environment. To keep up with this, governments, organizations, and citizens are in a new state of experimentation, innovation and adaptation. The ‘data revolution,’ which refers to both quantities of data now available and technological innovation, has the potential to tackle key issues in society including corruption.

Aside from serving as prerequisites for democracy, access to information and transparency are key tools in the fight against corruption that lead to openness and a level playing field for both governments and markets. The emergence of these tools has the potential to push forward the anti-corruption agenda through revolutionizing methods of corruption detection, prevention and analysis. The recent leak of financial documents is just one example of how individuals and organizations are now employing different methods to harness this technology and reduce the opportunities for corruption. Join