GREED, is a Nasty,Vicious Circle

Need has spilled into many wicked and unwarranted territories in our world today. People are continually selling themselves thru evil, weak and senseless methods, just to get ahead.

JonAk AWOLL/AmericaOnCoffee (AOC)

image source

The love of money for money’s sake is the social disease of our time. We see it all around us: in the celebration of ill-gotten stock gains, public admiration for the heads of criminal banks, the words of Kanye West, in the commercialization of charity and even spirituality.

This adoration of wealth isn’t a new thing, of course. When I was in elementary school I was sent to a school counselor for being moody, introspective – in other words, for being either a proto-goth or a writer in the making. I was asked to draw a picture of myself as a happy adult, and the resulting portrait showed a rich man standing beside a Rolls-Royce with an ascot around his full article at source

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