The Mockery of Homelessness is not a Funny Matter! (((((( LOUDER!! ))))))

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Teach your children… NOT mockery, but love, charity and humility

Hold true and fast to the saying that: “we all know where we have been, but do not know where we are going”.

There are a lot of well-to-do people whose fate has not led them thru the avenues of life, encountered by fatalities or hit and runs.

But, is it not true, that many are sitting on a mindset of a dream that at the “snap of two fingers” could easily become a nightmare? In all honesty, there can be no denials that life is fragile journey.

And if you asked, “Who are the homeless”? The appropriate answer would be: They are anybody and everybody including you and I. Then you ponder… “Why and how do these conditions in life happen”? An honest response is: When the flow of love is hindered, diseases of disharmony spread, resulting in massive hardships on all economic, intellectual and social levels.

The temperament of the world is emotional and very similar to weather conditions. On every region it is either too cold or too hot. Rarely are atmospheric conditions perfect. Charity on the otherhand is the warmest, most gentle and sweetest season of all.

We are all in this life together. Through history we have experienced life without fire. And, were we not slashers and burners living in the wilds, my caveman neighbor?

People must set aside all arrogance, presumed values and assurances. The eyes of the human heart must take heed to a world that is falling apart.

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Image courtesy of Pinterest

AmericaOnCoffee (AOC) is a story of love brought to you by Life. We are dedicated to the Homeless, the Missing and the Exploited.

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