Urgent Reform of the Judicial Bats: “Attorney Suspended For Exposing Judicial Corruption!”

Urgent Reform Is Needed Now to Achieve Equal Justice for All Peoples in Our Courts! The Push for Reform Must Begin from the Peoples at the Grassroot, then their Representatives!

This Video is About the Anatomy of Judicial Corruption-an Attorney’s Perspective. Attorney ‘Lanre Amu Was Suspended from the Practice of Law by the Illinois Supreme Court’s 7 Justices for Exposing Judicial Corruption!

The Justices are: Chief Justice Rita B. Garman, Justice Charles E. Freeman, Justice Robert R. Thomas, Justice Thomas L. Kilbride, Justice Lloyd A. Karmeier, Justice Anne M. Burke, and Justice Mary Jane Theis.

For More Details, Please go to: http://www.LanreAmu.com

There is an Urgent Need for Honesty, Transparency and Accountability in Our Courts. Together, We the People Can Reform Our Judicial System and Hold Judges Accountable to the People Who Put them In Office. When Judges Judge Themselves, We Have Judicial Mockery of Justice.

Mr. ‘Lanre Amu is no Less Educated, No Less Ethical, No Less Honest, No Less Moral Than The 7 Justices Sitting in Judgment of Him:

’Lanre O. Amu, B.C.E. (U of MN,’84, Graduated at the top of the Engineering Class with High Distinction); M.S.C.E (U of MN, ‘85); M.B.A. (UIC,’89), J.D. (1995). Beyond Qualifications, Integrity, Honesty, Transparency and Accountability must Reign Supreme in Our Courts. Those Are the Real Issues Here, Not Educational Qualifications Per Se.

Fundamental Truths:

In a Time of Universal Deceit, Telling the Truth Is a Revolutionary Act – George Orwell.

We the People Are the Rightful Masters of the Government: the Executive, Congress, and the Courts, Not to Overthrow the Constitution but to Overthrow the Entrusted Men and Women Who Pervert the Constitution. – Abraham Lincoln.

Every Litigant Must Have the Fundamental Right to the Honest Services of the Judge or Justice. Our Courts Should not Dispense Different Quality of Justice to Different Persons in Our Society. Equal Justice Under Law Must Be a Fundamental Right of All Now!

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Judges Are Sworn under Oath of Public Office to Dispense Justice Honestly, and Transparently Without Respect for Persons. The People of Illinois Deserve an Honorable, Honest, Accountable and Transparent Judiciary. Integrity Demands That Lawyers and Judges Act in the Best Interest of the People at All Times. Human Rights, Civil Rights, and Constitutional Rights to Freedom of Speech and Equal Protection of the Laws Must Now Be Respected. Enough of Sham Hearings at the ARDC and the Courts. ARDC and the Courts Must Stop Protecting Corrupt Lawyers and Corrupt Judges While Making Scapegoats of Unconnected Often Solo Attorneys Who Expose Corruption in Our Courts.

The ARDC Proceedings Instituted to Take Mr. Amu’s Law License Were Sham Proceedings. No Human Being Testified That Mr. Amu Made False Statements Concerning the Integrity of the Four Judges He Complained About. No Judge Ever Filed a Complaint Against Mr. Amu That He Made False Statement Against the Integrity of Any Judge. No Witnesses Testified at Mr. Amu’s ARDC Hearing. The Only Testimony at the Trial Was Mr. Amu’s, and Mr. Amu Maintained That He Spoke the Truth about the Judicial Corruption He Complained About. Mr. Amu Subpoenaed the Judges and the Lawyer-eyewitnesses, The Eyewitness Judges and Lawyers Promptly Asked the Illinois Supreme Court to Quash Amu’s Subpoenas, and the Illinois Supreme Court’s 7 Justices Quashed all of Amu’s Subpoena over Amu’s Objection. To Suspend a Lawyer’s law License for Three Years When no Human Being Testified Under Oath that He Did Anything Wrong is a Travesty of Justice and an Abuse of Delegated Power!

An Attorney Has a Moral, Ethical and Legal Duty to Report Judicial Corruption When He Observes it Because Judicial Corruption Causes Serious Damage to Everyone in Our Society. It is Wrong to Impose a Code of Silence on Attorneys vis-a-vis Their Duty to Report Judicial Corruption When they Observe it.

The Decision to Suspend or Disbar a Lawyer Who Exposes Judicial Corruption in Illinois Is Not in the Best Interest of All of the People of Illinois Concerning Their Right to Have a Corruption Free Judiciary. An Attorney Who Exposes Judicial Corruption in Illinois is Not Protected from Retaliation. ARDC Will Simply Set up a Sham Hearing to Conclude that the Attorney Made False Statements Concerning the Integrity of the Connected Judge and Suspend or Disbar the Lawyer-this Mockery Unacceptable!.

Quoting a Member of the Public on Viewpoint in Chicago Sun Times, Friday January 3, 2014, Page 18: ”Illinois Has a Reputation of Corrupt Officials . . . and until We Change the System, Whether it Be for Governor or Judges, We Will Get the Same Corrupt Officials We Have Always Had . .” -James M. Mulhearn, Sr., Archer Heights. Enough Said, “the People Must Wake Up from Slumber, and Organize to Change the System Now!”

For More Details, Please go to: http://www.LanreAmu.com

2 thoughts on “Urgent Reform of the Judicial Bats: “Attorney Suspended For Exposing Judicial Corruption!”

  1. I am a licensed attorney and worried about that myself. I have seen multiple lawyers and judges lie and act corruptly and filed complaints through every conceivable channel. I have complained to Pennsylvania’s judicial conduct board as well as the disciplinary board for the corrupt attorneys that abetted it. I have complained to the state attorney general the FBI, two different US attorneys, a federal judge and nothing happens except a nice boiler plate statement to the effect of “Thank you for your comments we have carefully examined your complaint and find no wrong doing.”


    1. Everything that is happening in the world today is being perfectly permitted, by God. We can be sure that the chaos will end perfectly. Some people are only strong and intelligent on the basis of their greedy, evil empowerments and what they physically possess in this dying, passing world. The scenarios are worldwide and many people believe in the permanency of this life. Truthfully, God is separating the sheep from the goats. Prayers and blessing to you in this spiritual warfare.🥲🙏


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