“Their God… Is God” This was what the Pharoah said after many defeats and before he surrendered.

Everything that the Pharoah mocked about God, happened to the Pharoah and Egypt in reverse.

Corruption is an absurd mockery of God’s goodness and love.

Consider These Four Mockings of God:

1. Lawlessness versus “GOD’S LAWS

Corruption aims to make of men: Martrys for God and/or heroes in the world, showing patriotism for their nations

Global warming is on only the energy of man’s corruption manifesting in the atmosphere. The result: heat and cold climate changes, earthquakes, and other “Spiritual Tsunamis”cthat will “Rock” your world and set you right!

Remember Saul was knocked off of his horse. We all are riding different kinds of horses and the Lord Our God knows when we should come off of a ride of insolence, vanity, power and/or arrogance.

What will it take for the greedy satanic judges in our world to stop their evils?

2. Elite versus “GOD’S ELECT”

Which are you? If you are an Elite, then unfortunately, you are caught up in the moment of being superior. And, that aire of superiority must feel exceptionally good. REMEMBER: It’s just a moment (time flies as money and things deteriorate and die)

3. As Corruption Separates the poor from the wealthyGOD IS SEPARATING THE SHEEP FROM THE GOATS“.

4. New World Order versus “GOD’S KINGDOM COME”….

Yes, God is setting up for his Kingdom on earth as prophesized throughout the Holy Bible

“Prepare” and “Pray” a constant prayer against the evils in the world, of the world and coming calamities….

NOTE: GOD’S (His) ways are not our ways and his thoughts are not our thoughts.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.

Isaiah 55:8

KNOW that he is coming:

“….to judge the living and the dead”.

Matthew 25:31-46


©2018 JonAk AmericaOnCoffee (AWOLL)

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