THE WORLD IS AT WAR With An Organized, Global Judicial Mafia that leaves trails of Homelessness, Racketeering evils on nations throughout the world.



Globalism and the Reign of the Antichrist

Johan Malan, Mossel Bay, South Africa

It is often alleged that the humanistic agenda of globalism is paving the way towards a new world order under the personal leadership of the Antichrist. The Bible confirms this scenario and gives a number of prophetic warnings against an end-time movement of this nature. However, the Bible also promises a Christian new world order under the leadership of Christ during the Millennium. Discernment is needed to be able to distinguish between the two kingdoms. In this article we will concisely review the ideology of humanistic globalism and indicate how it is skilfully used to promote a mindset which is conducive to the acceptance of the false christ.

The politically, culturally and spiritually divided nations of the world are moving closer together and are gradually merging into an international community which is bonded together by an expanding range of common interests. Multinational actions are needed to address threats such as the international war against terrorism, the endangering of world peace by excessive military build-up, the manufacture and stockpiling of weapons of mass destruction, crimes against humanity perpetrated by fanatical dictators, religious animosity and the waging of “holy wars”, unchecked overspending and corruption leading to national bankruptcy and threatening economic implosions in both rich and poor countries, widespread suffering due to overpopulation, unemployment and poverty, gross disrespect for basic human rights, the devastating pollution and destruction of natural resources, global warming, the rapid spread of contaminating diseases across the world, the need for coordinated, multinational relief operations in cases of severe natural disasters, etc.

Concurrent with the rising tide of global threats there is also an awakening of a global consciousness. A new world order is not only pursued by the nations with a view to joining forces to solve global problems, but also to underpin efforts to unite and empower themselves to become the masters of their own destiny. The most pronounced feature of the emerging new world order is the ideology of globalism, which makes its influence felt in all spheres of life. During the final stage of the transformation from nationalism to globalism, the nations will express their unity and common destiny by accepting global leadership in the form of a world government with executive powers. International experts will be commissioned to find solutions and assist in determining policies that will promote the best interests of all societies on the globe.

The practical implementation of the global humanist agenda will be achieved by using advanced computer networks and other sophisticated technological systems. The harnessing of modern technology, as well as the high degree of control which it affords, opens the way to establish a revolutionary new system of global governance which is popularly described as a “technocracy”.

The proper functioning of such a system is dependant on a common set of humanist principles and rules, as well as multiple databases which have been scientifically compiled to ensure the best possible quality of life for all. In this way, expertise in every sphere of life will be built into an electronic brain, thereby creating a “global mind” with….biblical source

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