The U.S. Voting System(s) Fradulent, Manipulated And Rigged? Check this out!

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Did President Trump manipulate the U.S. voting system? Did Premier Putin manipulate the U.S. voting system?

In the fix of our broken voting system, all aspects need to be reviewed. Why make any effort to fix only the national voting fractures when the local elections are similarly corrupt.

In the U.S., corrupt county and state court judges are being elected and reappointed having track records of being corrupt. Reporting corrupt judges to the appropriate jurisdictions, (the RobingRoom and Judicial Performance both should be eliminated) are continously ignored and slighted. How can judges whose decisions clearly demonstrate gross neglect and criminal offenses, retain their judiciary status? Local judges are equating themselves with SCOTUS justices and basically giving themselves, judicial “Life Terms”. There appears to be no help anywhere to stop criminal judges from violating the rights and liberties of the people.

When fixing election loopholes, pitfalls and obstructions, let us address all tainted power sources and governings within our flawed Electoral voting system and corrupt Judicial elections.

~A Commentary from AmericaOnCoffee (AWOLL)~

A Simple Fix For The Broken American Voting System
Capital FlowsContributor

Guest commentary curated by Forbes Opinion. Avik Roy, Opinion Editor.

Guest post written by Thomas L. Kuhlman

Dr. Kuhlman is a psychologist, author and election judge in Minnesota.

Polls say most of the American public no longer trusts what has become an intractable political system where both sides operate without willingness to compromise. Americans largely detest the blame-game rhetoric practiced by House and Senate members of both major parties, as these legislators continue pushing important national problems downstream to younger generations.

But it’s also true that it’s the electorate who continues to vote for these incumbents who practice the kind of polarizing politics that lead to government shutdowns, bloated budgets and lack of reform. It seems as if Americans poll one way, but vote another. It’s a bedeviling incongruity.

Part of the problem traces to the gerrymandering of House districts to create safe seats for both major parties. But this country has also undergone 40 years of voluntary, within-country migration. Red voters have gravitated to Red voting districts and Blues have clustered into Blue ones. More of us live within communities of like-mindedness than citizens of any previous generation. This homogeneity delivers landslide victories to “our gal” in Congress while we blame gridlock on “those guys” from the other color’s districts. The polarization of Congress comes from us.

What to do? One root cause of polarization is our voting system. French political scientist Maurice Duverger explained its polarizing properties this way 1950:

The brutal finality of a majority vote on a single ballot forces parties with similar tendencies to regroup their forces at the risk of being overwhelmingly defeated. Let us assume an election district in which 100,000 voters with moderate views are opposed by 80,000 communist voters. If the moderates are divided into two parties, the communist candidate may well win the election; should one of his opponents receive more than 20,000 votes, the other will be left with less than 80,000, thereby insuring the election of the communist. In the following election, the two parties with moderate views will naturally tend to unite….. Elections determined by a majority vote on one ballot literally pulverize third parties (and would do worse to fourth or fifth parties, if there were any.)

A more diversity-tolerant voting system would reduce polarization. Consider Ranked Choice Voting (RCV), an American invention. The Republican Party of Utah pioneered its use in 2002 and was soon followed by Democratic cities like San Francisco and Minneapolis. The state of Maine will be a focal point for de-polarization this November when its voters will be asked to approve a ballot

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