(UK) How Courts Engage in Homelessness. Contradictory?

Public Enquiry is being commanded by the people, into the massive COURT ORDER SCAM, in the name of Her Majesty The Queen (HMCTS) in which millions of victims are made homeless and destitute :-

An army of violent fraudsters aka the e-gang, spearheaded by Illegal Bailiffs, throw people on the streets, and create wanton HOMELESSNESS. #EndHomelessness

These thugs, claim to hold documents (INSTRUMENTS) ISSUED BY THE COURT, when they are not, as local Courts have been infiltrated by a Criminal Cartel, as reported by the Independent.

They are stealing Homes, Savings, Businesses, Children + Cars (HSBCC), and terrorising the public, even getting assistance from Criminal Cops.

YOU and your family, is more than 90% likely the victim of the above, and YOU have no viable route to getting a remedy through the Courts nor the Police, and it will happen again, and again, until YOU put an end to the scam.

English Judges were ruling in favour of PPI, and WINDRUSH false deportation Orders for decades. Now we know they were only assisting a Criminal Cartel to steal from hard working men, women AND THEIR FAMILIES. This meets the legal definition of Rape and Enslavement. No Heart, no soul, no Moral Compass.

Windrush has proven, that restitution cam be swiftly and powerfully obtained.

This Court Order scam, is a PPI on steroids, and FUNDING IS COMING INTO THE FIGHT..

As a successful Accountant and Financial Adviser of three decades, running Church Hill Finance, and winning many awards for my work and community efforts, this COURT ORDER SCAM has only been brought to my attention in a personal capacity.

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Wealthy Judges

Britain’s wealthy judges must prevent subconscious bias against poor people, says Lord Neuberger

The UK’s most senior judge said the country’s venerable trial system still led to potential ‘unfairnesses, misunderstandings and injustices’.

Chris Green

The Independent

Lord Neuberger warned that there was “a risk of the law being left behind in the very fast changing world of the early 21st century” (Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

Britain’s white and wealthy judges must be wary of their own subconscious bias against poor and foreign defendants in their courtrooms, the UK’s most senior judge has said.

Addressing the role of British judges, Lord Neuberger said most were “normally rightly” perceived as being wealthier and better educated than many of the people whose cases they hear – an imbalance which carries dangers.

“A white male public school judge presiding in a trial of an unemployed traveller from Eastern Europe accused of assaulting or robbing a white female public school woman will, I hope, always be unbiased,” he said. “However, he should always think to himself what his subconscious may be thinking or how it may be causing him to act.”

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