NOT Riotous Destruction

Dr. Charles Karuku leads prayer at the Riots to Revival event held in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Thursday. (Image credit: Charles Karuku/Facebook)

Back in June, the movement started by Dr. Charles and Pastor Lindsey Karuku with the International Outreach Church in Burnsville, Minnesota took to the streets of Minneapolis to proclaim Jesus’ name. Christians and non-believers came together at the location of George Floyd’s memorial site where the Holy Spirit healed bodies and hearts as salvations, baptisms, and worship filled the streets.

Replacing Riots with Revival: Christian Movement Brings Baptism and Worship to Streets of Kenosha. CBN News

Now Dr. Karuku is taking the “Riots to Revival” movement to the streets of Kenosha, Wisconsin to help heal hearts and minds with the power of the gospel message. 

In several Facebook posts on Friday, Karuku posted photos of people being baptized, praying, and worshipping together with the words, “Let the healing begin!

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