$450,000 or More, for Free— and Time is Running Out

8 thoughts on “$450,000 or More, for Free— and Time is Running Out

    1. Thanks much. It’s actually a Woe down not a Wow up. The proposal shows the sad state of affairs that the usa government is corruptly mismanaging. Your shared link is definitive. God Bless.

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      1. This is gross! The USA gov. does not give our military servicemen that amount of money and they are protectors of our nation.

        So many homeless people could use those funds. Biden snd his admin. are working against the USA. Who are you? Are you siding with the enemy?


      2. Really think about what I say before you react, follow my posts. Are you a victim or a creator? I should think you are a creator and a over comer…as you are here. Meet the challenges, think, learn, create solutions. What we must all do now.


      3. Our goal is to spread the gospel. The internet is fun and exciting but the deeper emotion and victimization is a hurting world.The journey that we are all one is one of faith, and afterwards all we know the truth. Please join us and help spread the gospel throughout the world.


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