Driving While High: Alcohol vs Marijauna



Lighting up!

Joyce Harris a 24 year old college student lit up a joint just before entering upon a freeway ramp. What happened next was her feeling of indifference that included loss of presence and a malfunctioned reaction AND timing (using accelerator, steering and brakes). She then uttered TO HERSELF, “why the hell did I light up”?


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One of the biggest arguments against marijuana legalization is a concern about people driving while high. With more places opting to legalize medical and even recreational marijuana, the debate over marijuana and driving has reached a fever pitch.

From commercial truck drivers to NASCAR as well as everyday people moving down the roadways, questions persist about the potential dangers of driving under the influence of marijuana. There has also been much debate about whether current forms of testing for marijuana intoxication provide fair and accurate results. Here’s what scientists and doctors know – and still don’t know – about marijuana and driving.

Research has delivered mixed results on the effects of marijuana on driving as well as the accuracy of tests to identify THC intoxication.

Effects of Marijuana on Driving

There are many different cannabinoids within marijuana, and these are the active ingredients responsible for its effects. The cannabinoid present in highest concentrations in most marijuana strains is tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. It’s the compound responsible for causing marijuana’s signature high.

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