Who Owns All of the Food in Your House?

The salt on your table, the turkey in your sandwich, the egg in your Egg McMuffin: “the worst company in the world” makes money off all of them. You may not have heard of them, but Cargill Inc is the biggest privately owned company in America, and they have near complete control over how and what you eat, and how working people in the agricultural system are treated.

Their power and breadth has kept wages down, squashed worker power, and pushed family farms to the brink of non-existence, while manipulating prices for the consumer. And it’s made one family—the Cargills—very, very rich.

We worked with Second Thought to show you how exactly they amassed all that wealth, and what it means for you.

This Evil Company Owns ALL The Food In Your House | The Class Room ft. Second Thought

ABOUT CHINA AND CARGIL? —Learn more https://www.cargill.com.cn/en/about-cargillhttps://www.cargill.com.cn/en/about-cargill

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