Where Is She? Phoenix Coldon the 23 year-old, Black female that “Vanished”—

Phoenix Coldon Was A Different Kind of Disappearance

Coldon disappeared on December 18, 2011, after leaving her family home in a black 1998 Chevy Blazer at about 15:00 local time. Her father told reporters that she was supposedly headed to a convenience store around the street or possibly a friend’s house. Hours after she disappeared, her vehicle was discovered at 17:27 and impounded at 18:23, abandoned (initially reported to still be running, which was later proven inaccurate), 25 minutes from her home, on St. Clair Avenue of East St. Louis.

The vehicle was entered into the police database as abandoned; the vehicle was not initially discovered as abandoned when investigated by Missouri police as it was impounded in Illinois. The family was reportedly not notified of the car being discovered until a family friend searching independently discovered it in a tow lot. Upon an independent search by her family afterwards, the vehicle was discovered to still contain her glasses, purse, shoes, ID and a cell phone bill that had been sent to collections.

Her parents have independently searched for Coldon after raising allegations of a lack of effort from local police. Through the years, they have talked to local drug dealers and sex workers for information and hired a private investigator. Privately funding the search caused the family home to go into foreclosureand for the family’s life savings to be drained.

A two-night special television documentary on her disappearance debuted on Oxygen on November 3 and 4, 2018, in which investigative reporter Shawndrea Thomas and retired deputy Police Chief Joe Delia discussed theories on her disappearance.

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