During World War II’s Rush Hour Of Darkness, What Would You Have Done?

(Starvation) Image credit http://hotcore.info/babki/Starving-Jews.html


TODAY THE BATTLE IS MORE CHALLENGING AND IN COMPARISON WITH THE EARLY 1930s and early 1940s. Would you have survived? And, why is this so imminent –? because the history of evil government was not taught to your children in schools. No matter the civil war, Irish flights, Jewish flights or civil rights movements, WWII NAZIS are now a modern day Cabal: the NWO!

Uncovered Records Show Nazis Were High on Meth


Abby HaglageAdolf Hitler was intoxicated with drugs—nearly all of them. Throughout his reign of terror, he shot up anything from steroids to heroin before sending Nazis 35 million pills of meth—on one occasion alone.The fact, long discussed in Nazi lore, has resurfaced with new details in a book out Thursday by German writer Norman Ohler titled Der Totale Rausch (The Total Rush). Ohler, an award-winning novelist and screenplay writer, spent years sifting through German and U.S. records to uncover more details about the Fuhrer’s drug-induced genocide, which led to the death of six million Jews.Read more



2 thoughts on “During World War II’s Rush Hour Of Darkness, What Would You Have Done?

  1. I wouldn’t put anything pass the Hitler regime. I believe Nazi Germany used Meth. Nazi were wise because the German people were inventive and new knowledge was ever evolving and assessable to the Nazis.

    The first jet fighter aircraft that the world knew, was German made called the Messerschmitt 262. The Germans created a steel that no nation could match.


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