Human Trafficking How Real is it?

Human Trafficking Survivor Breaks Her Silence

“I was bought like an animal.” Alima Bonsa bravely shared her story on June 18, 2020, alleging that she was trafficked from Burkina Faso and taken to the US. Once there, she says she was forced to work backbreaking work on a farm after her trafficker brought the rest of her family. Share her story and take action today. You can fight with her. CALL: AG Letitia James 1-800-771-7755 New York State Police 845-677-7300 Demand a thorough investigation of Allen Stack. You can also donate to Alima’s GoFundMe, which formerly raised funds for her food truck but now is raising legal fees.…

sex/human trafficking victim speaks out.


Another sex/human trafficking victim speaks out.

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