Charles Manson, the Uni Bomber and Conspiracy Theories—

Remember— a nation of hippies shouted out to cops and judges: PIGS! PIGS! PIGS! PIGS! We’re the hippies right?

Today we are witnessing judges and policemen overstepping their powers to a full-blown Totalitarianism in union with political representatives and nations around the world.

Mind Controller/manipulator, Charles Manson who was also a druggy Cult leader, spoke of a Helter-Skelter race war, when every man would judge himself and take it out on the next man. LSD is a wonder. Marijuana Today Marijuana is legalism protected as medicinal. HELTER SKELTER may have been a futuristic, satanic agenda for today when considering, Trans Humanism and the Critical Race Theory. What hat been happening? What is going on?

Let us observe how social-scientific theories are associated. All may or may not have something to do with Bailey’s review on conspiracy theories and psychopaths, but they are valid thoughts that you might be able to key in.

Jon Ak –

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