3 billion people need to die in Africa

The Governments of the World Are in Deep Darkness

Black Lives Matter as seen with Abortions, a genocide plan by Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned parenthood established, and gang-banging a confusion and the fall of the Black family: brother to brother and sister to sister, and Rwanda. Will Africa be the #1 target for the NWO GENOCIDE LAB? Keep a close watch because the NWO New World Order is playing God! JonAk


7 thoughts on “3 billion people need to die in Africa

  1. This short video is out of context. I have watched the whole hearing. This is the tail end of that hearing where Dr Robert Young was testifying to the ITNJ AGAINST vaccines and the harm that they do, citing Bill Gates goal to reduce the world population by 3 billion. These people you are showing in your video are the good guys.

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    1. That is contrary to my source. You are welcome to share information that support your point-of-view.


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