Why Are Blacks Resisting Vaccinations? Staples Of History Tells The Story-

10 thoughts on “Why Are Blacks Resisting Vaccinations? Staples Of History Tells The Story-

      1. The spike protein causes clots all by itself. The immune reaction gets worse the more times you take the shots.

        My vascular surgeon buddy tells me that he sees middle aged people with no history of clotting all of a sudden have ministrokes–from the vaccines, most likely.


      2. Thanks. Do you think people will be falling dead in 2022 because of blood clots?


      3. More like people will be having ministrokes and having to have clots removed by vascular surgeons. Some will die from strokes, heart attacks, and pulmonary embolisms, but they will be a small percentage and will be noticed in 2023 with great puzzlement from the epidemiologists. Some middle-aged people will lose limbs from clots or end up paralyzed or end up with pacemakers. Again, there will be great puzzlement over this.


      4. Thank you COVID pilot. We are witnessing what you are sharing and they are true.

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  1. Black Lives Matter of course. Blacks were lied to Margaret Sanger (selective breeding) ((sick)) and her ilk. The original movie, Tuskegee Airmen is most telling and thoroughly exciting too. Those black pilots really showed their stuff and they were finer flyers than the white pilots. I really enjoyed this and the white pilots came to agree among themselves how good the blacks were and let them know. The black airmen were awesome!!

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    1. That Devil! Some people are really enjoying evil during these end times.😡😩


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