Help Me! My loved one is in the ICU with covid

12 thoughts on “Help Me! My loved one is in the ICU with covid

    1. You’re kind. Thank you for the important info. Time will tell us about the dangers. May God bless you all.

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    2. Many antivirals work if given early.


      Quercetin (found in elderberry concentrate)

      Research found that quercetin carries zinc into cells.

      More research shows that zinc stops covid virus replication (the covid virus is an RNA virus)

      You can get elderberry concentrate at Whole Foods and Natural Grocer. That’s what we use when we get a cold or flu-like illness. Should work great on covid if given early. The good thing about elderberry concentrate is that it’s not a controlled substance, so doctors and pharmacists can’t get in the way of people getting it.

      Elderberry concentrate has been used for centuries to treat colds and flu all over the world.

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