Afghanistan Reel to Real | Homelessness

Afghan migrants set up homeless camp at the site of Paris terror attack memorial to protest against lack of housing source

Ask yourself this, was the NWO already in place before the 2021 negligent troop withdrawal?

Now we can see and realize that Homelessness is not only a pandemic in the western world but has spread into landlocked Afghanistan; the country has the second highest number of Internally Displaced People in the world. An estimated 70,792 families live in makeshift camps with poor sanitation and limited services, with approximately 25% surviving in these conditions for 10 years or more.

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5 thoughts on “Afghanistan Reel to Real | Homelessness

  1. This article is a preview for Americans to look at for it soon it will be our predicament if the media doesn’t stop trumpeting anti Trump hate. There are more of the haters than those people with charity in their hearts who live in America. The journalists will go tp the concentration camps first. Then the religions (Catholics first) . Falun Gong. So called White Privileged (a name given by the media to incite class warfare – a Communist tactic )- Then the hated whites will be arrested and sent to ‘covid camps’ where they will be tortured and starved. Then will come the Jews and the intellecuals, the music makers and artists … and more. The selection of videos above say it all. Here it is at our shores and the media is either blinded by Communist theory or China money ! Wake up. Trump won!

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    1. Evil has come but the scriptures clearly states that we should not let our hearts be troubled. I do not believe the COVID camps will happen. People as Biden, Nancy Biden’s son and the others are going to reap heavily for their treasonous acts. Yes, so many people in many industries have sold their souls to get to the temporary head. Yes, they will come tumbling down, betraying each other, one by one. Satan is no ones friend. POLITICIANS sold out to China. The thought they were benefitting from China’s cheap labor. China has only sucker-punched America.

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      1. True! I am gaining hope more and more as I read the John Durham report. It could very well fulfill the demands heard at rallys: “Lock her up!” “Lock her up!”

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      2. All of the deaths and bodies are associated. America has become a gangster nation with gangster leadership. Satan is a mind blower.

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    2. Obama and Biden paved the way for the usa’s fall. Trump would be in the Whitehouse if he had complied we it’s the fall. The big shots of the Internet will weep for their lost power and control. The internet is about to change. The things that’s really about to happen will be short lived. But we are at the near end of our cyber experience. The man of the short, short hour will come out and perform miracles. People will believe he is God. Every person will be tested with the untruth.

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