America is Gone! (Biblical Prophecy)

The following share may be inconceivable to many, and because of our world’s current state of affairs, you might find this end-time scenario very likely to happen.

The city, Babylon the Great which is biblically referenced as having been located in Iraq, amidst desert land, is not descriptive of the ‘mysterious’ Babylon as does United States of America, which sits upon the bodies of waters.

There are similarities with ancient Babylon and the USA. The ancient city Babylon built a tower attempting to reach Heaven. The USA’s attempts to reach Heaven is being done through aerospace technologies.

The Great Whore is not only the Harlot that represents and symbolizes the spirit of corruption, blasphemy and fornication but the Great Whore is being biblically analyzed as a nation (most all nations have feminine names), that has spread her sins all over the world and is destined to completely fall. The Great Whore in the following video is presented as the United States of America.

T. Browning

There are other mysteries about the Great Whore— WATCH:

4 thoughts on “America is Gone! (Biblical Prophecy)

  1. Hmm, I disagree that the US is Babylon of Revelation 17-18. The absence of reference to the western hemisphere makes it probable that the Americas are bit players at the end of time.
    Babylon is more likely organized religion, starting with the Roman Church, but extending to mainline Evangelicals and copycat churches that imitate rock concerts for “worship” and celebrate celebrity of pastors over holiness. Search the scripture for anti-Biblical practices of churches.
    See The Gold Mine by Dr. James Christie, available as a free pdf download. Solid Biblical exposition: or from Amazon if you want a hard copy.


      1. I have friends who are mid-tribulationalists and post-tribbers. While being inclined to be pre-trib, I am actually “PAN-tibulation.” I believe it will all pan out in the end. 😂
        As I noted in one of my blogs, the end times will occur whatever we believe about them.


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