Motivational Inspirational Speech For Unity?


Man must choose to mindfully serve God who is life and man’s Creator or man must bow down and serve Satan the murderer, the dying dictator.

The unity in my share is opposite the-one-world-order and adheres to brother-sister and family hood that God has ordained men.

Woe to men who seek to conquer others,

Woe to the men who will lose their souls in today’s increasing chaos, afire with all elements of destructions.

Don’t waste your time feeding the whims of Satan in this last hour.

God’s kingdom is coming. JonAk

4 thoughts on “Motivational Inspirational Speech For Unity?

  1. We need a voice like that. Trump fills the bill but all is so slow. The left is progressing. You mentioned ‘For the People’ Act, C.A. . a disaster. I found another one that is being sneaked in and it made me sick. It is called ‘Banking for All Act’ S.3571 “To require member banks to maintain pass-through digital dollar wallets for certain persons, and for other purposes. Remember ‘Medicare for All’ All similar names ! God help us!

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    1. I trust God. God has a plan! The battle is God’s end-time war. LOL! Woe to the men who believe they’ve gained the world and get sucker punched by God.


  2. Kind of scary, huh? For The People Act, Dreamers Act, etc. Let’s all UNITE so some elites can put us under their thumbs. 😎 ——

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    1. You’ve changed your posting name to C.A.? We, AOC Watching? We are. But, Prayer is the only unity that dissipates the evil of the times. We hope this share will be a call to prayer and encourage you and others to pray C.A.

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