Signs of Advancing Socialism

Are all of these executive orders from Biden a warning sign of incoming socialist policies to America? Paul Strand joins us with the latest on this & more.

Watch the video:
America may be Headed towards Socialism and here is What YOU Need to Know:

My comment is: There will be no more money after the stimulus checks and food will be rationed, and then everyone will receive a medical ticket for death because the world’s population needs to be controlled. JonAk

Socialism is the one of the biggest forms of nepotism.

What are your thoughts on the guises and headways for totalitarianism?

3 thoughts on “Signs of Advancing Socialism

  1. Gotta disagree with you on this one. We are not headed towards socialism, but rather towards Fascism. That’s what we need to be on guard about. Totalitarianism of any stripes deprives us of our freedom.

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    1. Thank you for reading. These are dark times that we are living in and where evil is moving quickly and where confusion has become an entrapment for idle, ignorance and programmed dependencies. Trickery wears many armors of surprise switch overs. Fascism, socialism or all isms have complimentary crossover handshakes, embracings and agendas.

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