The Communist Plan to Overthrow America from Within

In his best-selling book “The Naked Communist,” former FBI Special Agent W. Cleon Skousen revealed the 45 communist goals to overthrow America, not by a foreign invasion, but via stealth, infiltration and deception carried out by American citizens who have quietly moved to the side of the hammer and sickle. (Comics strip below) As you read the following partial list of those goals, ask yourself which political party most closely aligns itself with these profoundly un-American objectives. (See listing)


1)….prayers and any expression of religion in schools.

2)Infiltrate churches and replace true religion with “social” religion.

3) Discredit the U.S. Constitution and America’s Founding Fathers.

4)Infiltrate and gain control of the labor union movement.

5a) Infiltrate and gain control of teachers associations.

5b)Use schools as transmission belts for socialist indoctrination.

6)Break down traditional cultural standards; discredit the family as an institution.

7) Infiltrate and gain control of the press, radio, TV and the entertainment industry.

8)Use the courts to weaken basic American institutions.

9)Promote the UN as the only hope for mankind; demand that it be set up as a one-world government.

10) Infiltrate and gain control of one or both political parties.

Given the undeniable socialist-cum-communist leanings of progressive environmentalism, the labor movement, academia, the mainstream media, the religious left, Silicon Valley, Hollywood and one of the country’s major political parties, the communist plan to overthrow America from within has made monumental strides over the last half-century. [The]Communist doctrine has been methodically infused into our society by the post-1960s Democratic Party and its progressive allies throughout the popular culture. I don’t say that to be inflammatory. I say it because it accurately describes what has happened.

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