Corrupt Government Must be held accountable —

for homelessness, destruction of families, the non creation of jobs and for destroying the rights and liberties of every man, woman and child. What affects a few people affects everyone in the long run.

FL Mom of 17 Kids; Demands once again ‘Somebody Needs to Pay

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Heaven Hears Each Whisper
written by Kelsey Tyler

Reader Comment: An affirmation of all of my prayers, my faith and all of the miracles that I have experienced!

Prayer has always been the most personal and unique way to celebrate faith. It provides an occasion to talk, to meditate, to ask, to praise, to say “thank you.” … Google Books


THE MANY FACES OF MARY,Readers Comments: “You need a box of tissues when you read it.” “I couldn’t put it down.” “The stories allowed me to experience all of The Immaculate Mother’s Apparitions.”


By Sophy Burnham

Reader Comment: The book’s opening tells of angels lovingly playing with man in happiness and fun until man became bored. The angels from that point on, decided to hide in the hearts of man. The big question today, is whether or not man will seek within his own heart God’s joy?

A BOOK OF ANGELS tells not only the extraordinary true stories of present-day encounters with angels, but also traces the understanding and study of angels through history and in different cultures. …


Author: Andrew M. Villarreal

Reader Comment: “Triumphal Procession” is a historical perspective that re-examines the conscience of the nations of the world, living in today’s darkness.

Read: “Triumphal Procession” and you will understand why nations continue to struggle in great spiritual chaos. Every Christian and every reader seeking Christ should be reminded: the more prayer, the mightier we become in God’s mercy to be blessed against evil.


Has your prayer life come to a standstill? Is it quiet? This brief history of France during WWII reveals the pitfalls and dangers that dampen the prayer life of a believer.
The Nation of France has a history of triumphs, but in 1940 the streets of Paris were empty and quiet.

The darkest hour of it’s existence was at hand. What happens next? Could history repeat itself? Without prayer, triumph cannot exist.

Step into your position of becoming a prayer warrior. Enter a campaign of effective fervent prayer. Recover what has been lost; not only for yourself but for your family, church, ministry, city and nation.



Storm Warning, by Billy Graham

Reader Comment: “Truly powerful…prompting everyone to bear witness to these times.”

12 thoughts on “Corrupt Government Must be held accountable —

  1. To a great degree, we have ourselves to blame for a corrupt government. All government is are representatives of the people. A people who don’t stand on principle, forget how our country came to be, and parts with the past (The real past, not what the progressives are propagandizing today.), are doomed to repeat. And all-too many parents allowed their children to be propagandized in propaganda camps, and many are even returning them their. As the saying, “We the People…”.

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    1. The woman here in the video could have aborted her children, and after they were born, with hardship she could have murdered her family and then the courts would have rewarded her with a nice prison cell as compensation.

      The world is being torn apart each and every day. Families were once the backbone of every nation – “people power” but no longer is that true. The courts are so corrupt, not standing on biblical principles or the constitution.

      The Courts should have directed her to all appropriate resources. The woman in the video is a GEM for God’s coming kingdom.

      My reply: Biblical “be fruitful and multiply” Genesis 1:28. But knowing the end times that we are in it is obvious with so much technology, transmission of information and wealth, that “Charity has become cold” and biblically:

      Matthew 24:12
      “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.”

      Abortions, thievery, murder, greed, homelessness, hate, bigotry, automation replacing manpower, test-tube babies, our world is in trouble with Our God and what is to come for the wages of sin is going to be a big surprise.


    1. When the Constitution and Courts become invalid, lawlessness and disorder happens. The Judicial and all politicians, federal and local, are in breach of their oath and duties by not unswervingly upholding the Constitution.

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  2. The people who elected the current government were blind and fever-ridden, i.e., seriously afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome, and the rest of us must suffer for four years, perhaps just two when the midterms change the balance of power.

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      1. The system is supposed to be government by the people through elections but it seldom works out that way — when the party is in power it breaks promises and changes the rules; and prez executive order power is totally autocratic.

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      2. Autocratic enough to fence themselves inside the Capital, to protect themselves from the people they are betraying. Homeless encampments are all around the fenced in White House.


  3. The Government, viz., lying hypocritical politicians don’t give a rat’s ass about the Common Man and Woman. Politicians, self-righteously brandishing inhumane laws that they themselves disregard, are the enemy and we are warriors in the woods fighting for survival.

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