Actor Michael Douglas Speaks On America’s Current Divide: “Divided We Fall!”

In Unbreaking America: Divided We Fall, Douglas declares that, “America’s political system has been hijacked to ensure that those with power keep it.” He effectively breaks down the gridlock and corruption in America’s government and presents the nationwide grassroots reform efforts led by RepresentUs as the movement that can fix it.  

Douglas explains that every issue that Americans care about—from healthcare to national debt—is caught in the grip of corruption. Only 2% of Americans trust that our elections work how they’re supposed to. This year, America’s two major political parties publicly threatened to blacklist candidates who veered from party lines, propagating a polarized political system so gridlocked that it blocks meaningful progress on the most pressing issues that our nation faces. 61% of Americans want another alternative. But special interests, lobbyists, and the political establishment control the money, debates, primaries and draw voting districts—leaving the average American with a near-zero impact on the leaders that should serve them.