No More Lockdown Van Morrison

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Everyone, everywhere are fed up with the COVID restrictions. And, poking fun at the harshness of reality is offensive to those who are aggravated by the pandemic psychologically and the affect it has on their physical health to death. Jobs, families and the world’s economic future have been destroyed.

Some are believing that the world’s people are under attack. Others are assuming there could be no such evil. Protest are rising up everywhere because people are losing their jobs, homes and confidence in their countries.

Van Morrison has a song Protesting COVID and the government’s evil that comes with it.

Van Morrison has officially had it with COVID-19 restrictions — we’ve known that for a while, even before the singing/songwriting legend announced a trio of “anti-lockdown protest songs” after penning a “Save Live Music” essay urging a return to full-capacity live concert performances.

Today, the third such song in his series of protest anthems was made available, and “No More Lockdown” doesn’t bother with subtlety:

No more lockdown
No more government overreach
No more fascist police
Disturbing our peace
No more taking of our freedom
And our God-given rights
Pretending it’s for our safety
When it’s really to enslave
Who’s running our country?
Who’s running our world?


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