The Judicial Crime Spree Allover The World!

If you troll any lies that the BAR crime syndicate corporate takeover of our Common Law Courts is legitimate, don’t bother… it will be DELETED…You BAR Attorney scum are going to do time for your crime… USA Common Law Court Action Anthony Williams 2013 – Brilliant.
Fraud Corporate Judge is in Jail…. Where they all should be, every member of the organised crime syndicate called the BAR…More information on how to abolish the BAR criminal association from the planet forever.

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Stolen monies and properties from citizens enable them to look professional. Their cover? They pretend to be good sometimes and to some people. Many of them have availed themselves to teach at prominent colleges and universities. What does this mean! This mean they to keep the corruption of Judicial alive by spreading its doctrines of treason. Corrupt judges belong to a worldwide alliance and these judges have no allegiance in their country to duty under oath. They have become “big shots” with corporate benefits.

Worldwide judges and their benefactors are paying for fake news which is continuously tearing down executive orders in every nation throughout our world. Their God is called Money!

An AmericaOnCoffee (AWOLL) Commentary

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