4 Reasons to Evangelize


Today, 3 billion people have never heard of Jesus Christ. 97% of these of these live in a region called the 10/40 Window. Yet the church sends only 0.5% of its offerings and 3.3% of its missionaries to reach these unreached masses. This must change now. We must prioritize the 10/40 Window in our missions strategy. In this article, I offer four reasons why. 

#1: The 10/40 Window is the most unreached region of the world

First, we must prioritize the 10/40 Window because it’s the most unreached region in the world. 

Jesus called us to disciple all nations (Matthew 28:19). Some nations remain undiscipled. Therefore, we must prioritize the undiscipled until we’ve completed Jesus’ command. Who can question this scriptural logic? Can we bear to re-reach the reached while the unreached have never heard?

Perhaps the statistics seem far-fetched. “You’re telling me to believe that billions have never heard the gospel?” I understand if you’re surprised, and I’m certainly not judging the unaware. We live in such a gospel-saturated culture. We have no radar for the idea of “unreached people groups.” The gospel is everywhere, right? 

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